Tips for Managing Holiday Sweets

Healthy Homemade Holiday Treat

After years of procrastinating, you’ve finally decided to start eating healthier and exercising regularly. You desperately desire to lose weight and keep it off forever. Because you’re so excited about your new diet plan, you don’t want to wait until January to begin it. However, you’re paranoid about how you’re going to handle the temptation to indulge in all of your favorite holiday sweets over the next few weeks. If you can relate to this tantalizing scenario, don’t despair. Armed with a few, simple tips, you can enjoy a few of your favorite sweets without feeling derailing your diet.

Holiday parties and family gatherings can be dieting danger zones. For instance, tables at these events are often filled with mouth-watering sweets such as pecan pie, pumpkin pie, fruit cake, Christmas cookies, and chocolate candy. If you aren’t careful, you can consume your entire daily allowance of calories at the dessert table alone. To prevent this travesty from occurring, study your possibilities thoroughly before making a selection. While calorie dense, fruit based desserts are usually healthier than options that don’t contain fruit. For instance, a serving of blueberry cobbler would probably be a better choice than a piece of red velvet cake. The fruit in the cobbler contains filling fiber and other nutrients. After browsing the dessert selections, choose a small portion of one treat. If someone has already cut the cakes and pies into large pieces, consider sharing half of your dessert with a loved one. Or, take part of your sweet treat home with you.

Whenever possible, prepare desserts at home to take to holiday events. When cooking sweets at home, swap unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones. For instance, consider substituting applesauce for vegetable oil and gluten free, almond flour for white, refined flour. You may be surprised how fun remaking classic, holiday desserts can be. Dieting during the holidays shouldn’t feel restrictive or depressing. By making healthier choices, this holiday season might be the most rewarding one you’ve ever experienced.


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