Should I Weigh Every Day?

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When you’re working hard to lose weight, it’s tempting to get tied to your scale. After all, you like to see your success in real numbers. However, if you’re jumping on the scale daily, or even several times each day, you’re only stressing yourself out. It’s true – people who weigh in regularly see better results when losing weight and maintaining weight loss. However, weighing every day probably isn’t your best option. 

How Often Should You Weigh?

If you shouldn’t weigh every day, how often should you be checking in with the scale? Usually it’s best to make sure you check your weight once a week. Why? Your weight is changing daily and it fluctuates throughout the day. Drink a lot of water or eat a big meal and you’ll see that on the scale, which can make you think you’ve gained weight. It’s better just to weigh weekly so you don’t get discouraged by normal fluctuations in weight.

Of course, when you do weigh weekly, keep a few things in mind. First, you need to weigh-in at the same time of day. It’s best to weigh yourself in the morning before you eat or drink anything. Use the same scale and make sure you’re wearing the same clothes. This way you get an accurate number on the scale and you can see whether you’re getting results or if you need to adjust your weight loss regimen. You may even find that you want to work with your professional weight loss consultant to find some supplements that help you better achieve the results you want.

It takes time to gain weight, so expect it to take time to lose the weight. You do need to weigh-in from time to time, and a weekly weigh-in can help you stay on track so you reach your long-term goals. Learn more helpful weight loss tips and get a personalized plan today by contacting us at the Metabolic Research Center.


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