How to Deal with Stress

Woman Dealing with Stress

Stress serves a useful purpose. Without it, recognizing problems when they occur would not be possible. For instance, the adrenaline hormone released when anxious could give you the fuel you need to escape danger. However, stress sometimes occurs when no threat takes place, and one unhealthy way to deal with it is to eat an excess of comfort foods. You can find a better way to manage your life, however.

Consequences of Untreated Stress

In some cases, chronic stress could lead to obesity as a result of eating too many high-calorie foods. Furthermore, untreated stress could result in digestive problems, and it can cause you to age at a faster rate. In addition, not dealing with stress properly could cause you to feel constantly anxious and overwhelmed. You also might feel over-burdened and become fatigued, and it can weaken your immune system. If you are struggling with physical, mental and emotional consequences of stress, you might need to learn some stress management skills.

Healthier Ways to Deal with Stress

You might have a release of negative emotions for a few minutes when you eat to combat stress symptoms. This is particularly true when eating foods high in carbohydrates and sugars. However, you have to expend enough of that energy with physical exercise to use up the food you consume. One way to handle this is to eat more fruits and vegetables – particularly ones that are high in water content and low in fat or sugar. Moreover, eating enough lean meats and plant-based foods can provide you enough protein needed to combat stress. However, you also need physical exercise and healthy outlets for combating anxiety. Playing recreational sports, walking your dog, or going out dancing are some ideas of how to release stress. Venting your frustrations to your friend, taking a warm bath, or listening to some soft music also can relax your brain.

Any calming (or distracting) activity can also help you lower anxieties that could cause health problems. To learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, contact the Metabolic Research Center. We offer real choices for the real you


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