Don't Allow the Flu to Wreck Your Program

News of Flu Shots

The calendar is set, the events are locked-in, you’re month looks exactly how you want it. The last thing you need is for a big Flu-wrench to get flung into things! As if you weren't already feeling achy and nauseous, you’d have the headache of re-scheduling on people and missing much anticipated experiences. Many take the route of a vaccine, and if you get it in before the flu season hits it’s a great way to build antibodies to fight off that encroaching sickness, but there are other ways to ward it off.

Cleanliness and hygiene are hugely underrated, but the truth is they can be your lead defenders. Keep a sharp eye on the “entry points” of your body that germs could breach. Your mouth, nose, and even eyes are portals to the rest of your body, so play goalie by keeping these places sanitary. Steer clear of coughers and sneezers, and wash your hands often throughout the day. We often touch food that enters our mouths and even rub our eyes absentmindedly, so keeping clean hands is the key to guarding these entry points.

But what about the straggler germs that get past your hygiene guard? The best way to fight from the inside is to fortify your body with proper hydration and nutrition. No matter how clean your diet is, chances are there are still a few nutritional gaps. Consider consistently equipping your body with a daily vitamin or mineral supplement. Germs simply can’t win against a body that is prepared to put up a fight. We'd love to show you how to use real foods to boost your immune system in a free, no obligations consultation at a Metabolic Research Center near you.


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I am so impressed with MRC and the staff here in Eugene. I gave tried, unsuccessfully, to lose weight for the last two years on another well known program with no success...lose two, gain one and on and on. Finally, this program, the medical tests and personalized attention gave got me moving forward and losing weight. I am so grateful my husband saw the advertisement and encouraged me to make an appointment!


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