Understanding the Value of a Good Stretch

Group Stretch

A hard workout isn't the only thing that can help relieve stress and get the blood pumping through the veins. Stretching offers many of the same benefits only at on a smaller scale. There are several times during the day when a good stretch will not only get the blood flowing, but will also help to clear the mind and reduce anxiety. Individuals who sit at a desk all day or are stuck in a car for long periods of time will benefit from taking two or three minutes to stretch themselves out.

Not only will stretching increase blood flow to stiff joints, it will also cause the person to take deeper breaths. The increase in the amount of oxygen will clear the mind and give the body a boost in the energy department. As the brain begins to function more efficiently, a person is able to focus and concentrate more. They are better able to put things into perspective and also have more energy to complete important tasks. Their range of motion will improve and their body will feel as if it has been revitalized.

During the day, a few minutes every few hours set aside for stretching can drive away fatigue and increase a person's awareness of their physical condition. Stretching can be performed almost anywhere, at any time. A person can stretch while sitting down or while standing next to their desk. If they want fresh air, go for a walk around the block and stretch as you reach each corner. Simple stretches are all that is needed to improve a person's state of mind and chase away the anxiety that often appears during a long, hectic work day.


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