Out in the Cold? Try Blended Soups

Blended Squash Soup

Smoothies are everywhere these days, gaining in popularity as the market for soda goes south.  Most people know that smoothies, if done without processed sugar or other carbohydrate heavy or calorie ridden additions, are an easy way to add a lot of fruit and even vegetable matter into their diet.  Smoothies, and other blended living foods, are a lot more complex, and incredible, than that.   Blended foods offer an easy to digest, high surface area, homogenous method of delivering a quantity of bulky fruit and vegetable matter straight into the body in a quick and tasty way. 

The living foods methods can be difficult for people who live in colder environments.  Hot soup just seems like a natural thing for dinner when it is cold outside.  Blended soups are raw, but they can be heated gently to just over 100 degrees in order to make them appeal better when the weather is cold.  There is nothing like a warm, earthy, highly concentrated vegetable soup to heat one through and drive the metabolism a bit when things feel sluggish. 

Blended soups are made with a simple formula:  Liquid + Watery Fruit + Fats + High Flavor Ingredients + toppings.  The liquid can be anything from coconut water to vegetable juices to stocks to herbal teas.  Water isn't a great liquid base because it tends to make the soup bland.  The watery fruit gives the soup body.  They can include many things including tomato, cucumber, squash, apples, and bell peppers.  Avoid adding too much sweet fruit, as it dominates the soup flavors.

Fats can be a wide range of vegetable based items, including nuts, nut butters, coconut, olives, avocado, and even straight oils.  High flavor ingredients include herbs, onions and garlic, spices, and dark leafy green vegetables.  These should be used sparingly at first, as more can be added to taste.  Toppings can include a huge variety of things, including sprouts, chopped seeds or nuts, tomato, herbs, and green onion. 

While a lot of the living-foods gurus (and therefore recipes out there) are vegan, feel free to add cheese to the top of blended soups, or even living salads or other dishes, as a little can add a lot of satisfaction.


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