Eat a Variety of Colors Not Just Your Favorite

Fruits and Vegetables

So often when someone says: "I eat fruits and vegetables every day", what they really mean is: "I eat my favorite fruit or favorite vegetable every day." There's no question that the fruit or vegetable you choose will be better for you than a funnel cake, but you may be missing out on nature's rainbow of important nutrients. Or maybe you've heard... "Research shows you don't get everything you need from food alone, so I take a multivitamin." Again, no doubt that a multivitamin is better than nothing but a multivitamin does not contain the same benefits gained from healthy eating. Plus, multivitamins assume your needs are both average and somewhat minimal.

Either way, if you resemble the statements above and are serious about shedding pounds and improving your overall health and wellness, a professional consultant with a knowledge of nutritional deficiencies will be most helpful in recommending a personalized menu plan including high-quality supplements. If you do not currently prepare and eat a colorful plate of food, then checkout the recipe section of this website for ideas. Plating can often have more impact than you might think and eating should be an experience enjoyed by your collective senses. People who are new to multi-hued appetizers, salads and entrees are often surprised at how much more they get out of their meal when they take the time to enjoy it with more than one sense.

If you are responsible for feeding picky eaters, then pull out the blender or food processor. The latest menu trend for dealing with those who are reluctant to try new things is to hide them. Some pulverized zucchini can add wonderful flavor to your favorite spaghetti sauce. So, surprise yourself and experiment with the exciting flavors and healthy benefits that colors can add to any dish.


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