7 Strategies for Ordering Fast Food Without Regret

Fast Food Drive Thru

Fast food ranks low on the list of available healthy food options. Most fast food restaurants serve up purely addictive menu items that are high in calories, cholesterol, fat, and sodium. At the same time, these choices of burgers, fries, tacos, and pizza lack beneficial fiber and other nutrients. Here at the Metabolic Research Center, we stand behind eating real food that you can easily prepare yourself. However, we understand that, inevitably, there will be times when hunger strikes and you must pick up a quick meal that is less than ideal. Use these strategies when navigating your local drive-thru.

  1. When you're out shopping or running errands have water on hand. People often mistake dehydration for hunger. Fueling up on H2O could allow you to hold out until you get home or eat less when dining out.
  2. Beware of the "value menu" that offers items at a everyday discounted price, or combos that contain more calories than you might consume in a meal.
  3. Don't assume all salads are healthy. Extra toppings could quickly increase calories. Avoid creamy dressings and croutons.
  4. Refrain from selecting fried items, and choose sides that are steamed or baked.
  5. Glance at the nutritional facts chart or check out the restaurant's website to know the calories, fat, and salt content of what you order.
  6. Avoid sandwiches with meats that are breaded and fried.
  7. When ordering a hamburger, skip the fatty toppings like mayo and cheese and ask for lettuce, tomato, onion or pickles.
  8. Drink water or skim milk rather than soft drinks or high sugar juices. Most drink dispensers nowadays offer several healthy options.

Make a choice at the drive-thru window that won't jeopardize your health or leave you feeling regret. For more tips on improving your health and wellness, contact the MRC nearest you for your free consultation.


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