Set Realistic Goals to Lose Weight Faster


Imagine that you’ve signed up for your first marathon. The event will take place 6 months from now.  As a newcomer to running, would you try to run the entire 26 miles during your first practice session?  If you did, you might end up in the emergency room with a sprained everything.  Instead, consider setting a more realistic goal of running 2 miles each day for the first few weeks. Eventually, you will be able to reach your long-term goal.

The decision to lose weight claims the top spot on many people’s resolution lists.  Sadly, due to a myriad of reasons, a high percentage of people never realize this noble objective.  For some people, they simply expect to lose too much weight too quickly.  For instance, the quest to drop 100 pounds by summer might be impractical and unhealthy.  If you put this amount of pressure on yourself, you might end up with your head in a bucket of rocky road ice cream by Valentine’s Day.  Instead, start setting realistic goals for yourself.  You will lose the weight faster and be more likely to keep it off long-term. 

Likewise, when losing weight, you should break your long-term goal into shorter more manageable increments.  If you haven’t secured success on crash diets before, you might be wondering what constitutes realistic goals. Most medical experts believe that losing 1 or 2 pounds a week is best.  This achievable goal can be accomplished by eating less calories per day than you burn.  By pairing regular exercise with real healthy food choices, most people can lose this amount of weight easily.. and it does add up.   

Setting smaller weekly goals will help keep you focused on the eventual prize.  After losing your desired amount of weight each week, consider celebrating your success.  However, your reward should never be unhealthy food.  This decision will only reverse the good progress you’ve made.  Instead of eating a hotdog or a slice of cheesecake, pamper yourself by reading a book, getting a manicure, or spending some quality time with a friend.  By setting and celebrating realistic goals, you can lose weight and restore your health in no time.



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