Dealing with Late-Night Hunger Pangs

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Desperate to drop some pounds before a much anticipated high school reunion, you embark on a fad diet. This trendy eating plan requires you to consume all of your calories for the day before 4:00 P.M. Unfortunately, you go to bed each night with a growling, empty stomach. You reason feeling hungry each night is a small price to pay for a slimmer waistline. If you can relate to this scenario, rethinking your dieting strategy is in order. Armed with the right foods, you can satisfy your late-night hunger pangs without sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Ignoring late-night hunger pangs can leave you feeling sluggish and irritable before bedtime. Surprisingly, engaging in this common ritual might actually hinder your weight loss plans. When you don’t consume food for an excessively long period of time, your body goes into starvation mode. When this happens, your body begins to convert calorie stores into fat. So, eating a late-night snack after an early dinner might benefit you in more ways than one. When selecting a late-night snack, skip sugar and fat filled treats such as cookies, donuts, ice cream, or potato chips. Instead, opt for real, healthy foods that will fill you up without derailing your diet. Some great snacks to reach for late at night include:

  • Unsweetened, whole grain cereal with low-fat milk
  • Popcorn seasoned with garlic, curry, or wasabi
  • Plain, Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon and walnuts
  • A baked apple sprinkled with cinnamon
  • A grilled chicken breast over a bed of spinach
  • A vegetable omelet 

Regardless of whether you tend to crave sweet or savory foods, you can find a healthy, late-night snack to satisfy your taste buds. Even better, you don’t have to feel guilty. If you’d like to learn more about how to incorporate delicious, diet friendly snacks into your meal plan, consider scheduling a free, initial appointment with a consultant at a Metabolic Research Center near you.


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