Speed Up Grocery Shopping to Avoid Impulse Purchases

Woman Pondering in Grocery Store

Grocery store produce is laid out in such a way as to entice buyers to make impulse purchases. This makes healthy shopping a challenge to say the least, as those who are attempting to stay away from unhealthy foods are continuously faced with them every trip to the store.

The first step in speeding up your grocery shopping is to make a shopping list. Creating a list and sticking to it will make it easier to buy only healthy foods than it would have been otherwise. Another way to speed up your grocery shopping and avoid buying junk foods is to get to know the layout of the grocery store you usually shop at.

In order to get to know the layout of your grocery store, pay a visit there without any cash or credit cards in your pockets. See which aisles contain what foods and write this information down. When you go back to shop, you will know exactly where to go to find the healthy foods on your grocery list. You can also further safeguard yourself by calculating approximately how much money you will need to cover everything on your grocery list and then only bringing this amount of money in cash (no cards) when you shop.

Naturally, it will take time and practice to discipline yourself to stick to your shopping list and there will likely be days when you fail to do so. However, the more often you make a list and only stick to the aisles that contain healthy foods, the more disciplined you will become. Over time, healthy shopping will become second nature and you will not only lose weight and get in shape but also save yourself a lot of time as well.


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