Non-Dieting Weight Loss Tips

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No one likes to be on a diet. Just the word fills many people with dread. However, our most significant weight loss comes about when we make small but impactful, changes in our lifestyle. Consider employing a few of these tips to improve your health and lose weight:

  • Choose a smaller plate. The first step to weight loss is portion control. When your smaller portion seems lost on a big plate, it is easy to feel deprived. Choose a smaller plate to start with and fill it with a healthy assortment of whole foods to start each meal with a feeling of abundance rather than deprivation.
  • Move it, move it. The more you move, the healthier your lifestyle. Find an activity that you love whether it is walking with a significant other after dinner, biking or swimming with friends, or enjoying a peaceful yoga class. Any and all of these activities get your body moving and bring down blood glucose levels.
  • Sleep more. Sometimes we brag about how busy we are and how little sleep we can get by with. Sleep is essential to good health. Getting enough sleep ensures that your body produces adequate amounts of leptin which helps you feel satisfied after a meal.
  • Drink more water. This has long been great advice for people who are on a diet, but really, it's great advice for everyone. Our bodies are primarily made up of water. It is essential to every system in our bodies from brain to belly.

These small changes can have a lasting, positive effect on overall health.


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