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Researching healthy living is a real mine field.  There is a huge spectrum of information out there, from a huge range of both respectable and laughable sources, geeks and quacks.  So in the great search for the healthier lifestyle, how does one separate the kook from the cook?  It isn't an easy process, and there isn't a magic guide to figure it out.  Everyone's personal filters are a little different, as are their backgrounds, and so it isn't even really safe to go by intuition.  Even science fails at this task, as science in the first world is driven by money, and so research dollars are biased by where profit lies, which pinches out much of the holistic and whole food research that should be going on. 

So how does one figure out who the health food or fitness whackos are?  Reading is the main method, a lot of reading, and keeping one's ultimate goals in mind.  If the goal is a healthier lifestyle, with a balanced diet and fitness regime, following extreme diets are not something that is going to go well, and are highly unlikely to succeed.  Instead, information that gives balanced diets, balanced fitness regimes, and coping skills for when there are pitfalls are much better sources of information to use. 

If getting more fruit and vegetables into a menu plan are a personal goal, then doing some reading on vegan diets can help offer methods, different ways of thinking, that can help get that plant matter into the diet.  The difference is, that adding some vegan toolsets, vegan recipes, into the repertoire is almost certain to help, without the need to give up all animal-based foods.  Adding some of the gourmet vegetarian tools can help, as can adding some of the fermenter's tricks, and adding some living-food and juicer's techniques can pretty much collectively take care of the shortage of roughage in one's life.


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