Five Tips to Prepare You for a Great Workout

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Regular exercise, along with a nutritious diet, is a priority when you're aiming to lose weight and keep it off long-term. Whether your workout approach means hitting the local gym, working out at homeor heading into the sunshine for an outdoor exercise session, a pre-workout plan can help assure your success in slimming down and toning up.

Metabolic Research Center recently discovered this great SlideShare slideshow detailing one exercise expert's pre-workout preparation tips. Here are a few highlights along with additional tips from weight loss experts with Metabolic Research Center.

  1. Get at least seven to nine hours sleep each night to assure you're well-rested and ready to power through a solid workout.
  2. Wake up all your senses with a cool shower. It's great for brightening your skin, too.
  3. Enjoy a healthy breakfast or lunch that's high in protein and complex carbs for an all-day energy boost.
  4. Focus on your immediate goal - getting a great workout. This means avoiding distractions including your smartphone and overly chatty fellow exercisers.
  5. Plan ahead so you'll know just which exercises you'll complete and how they'll benefit your health and figure.

See the slideshow for more pre-workout tips. For more guidance, call 800-5801-8090 and speak with a Metabolic Research Center weight loss specialist. 




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