5 Tips For A Healthy Supermarket Trip

Woman with Bag of Healthy Groceries

Here is a startling, horrifying, but true fact . . . grocery stores are businesses trying to make a profit! “Gasp!” While we joke, this is important to keep in mind as you make your weekly trip to the store. The items being pushed through supermarket ads and end caps are more often based on margins than on health. Here are 5 tips for a healthier trip to the grocery store.

  • Stick with the same store and make a list. Going to the store with a list is like preparing a budget for your monthly income. A list will keep you on track and ensure you’re only buying the foods you plan to eat as part of a healthy lifestyle. By always going to the same store you’ll know which aisles to hit, which to avoid, and where the “hidden gems” are.

  • Don’t go hungry. We’ve heard this one since we were kids but rarely follow it. So grab a snack 20 minutes before heading out to stick to your list.

  • Your eMetabolic consultant will tell you that veggies are the most important item on your plate. Yet the produce section is often the most under-shopped part of the store! Whether fresh or frozen at least 1/3 of your cart should be vegetables.

  • Keep it plain. Greek yogurt has become the latest food sensation and it’s easy to see why! Packed with protein, an amazing texture, and plenty of flavors Greek yogurt is a favorite go-to treat. The key is to stick with the plain flavor whenever possible. While “strawberry cheesecake” may taste incredible, it usually comes with a hefty serving of sugar.

  • Read the label. Instead of looking at the great photography and marketing on the front of the package, flip it to the side and check out the nutrition label. Compare your carbs, sugars, protein, calories and fiber with your weight loss plan to be sure you aren’t buying empty calories.

Just a few simple changes can completely turn around your trip to the supermarket. Stay healthy, go with a plan, and you’ll be on the fast track to weight loss.


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