Tasty Doesn't Mean It Is Healthy



Food manufacturers discovered a long time ago that if they introduced certain flavorings into food, people would choose it more often. For example, salt causes cravings due to metabolic processes that include a need for your body to maintain sodium/potassium balance in the body. They discovered that people gravitated towards salty foods and were more likely to purchase foods that had a stronger flavor. When doctors began to claim that salt was bad for a person's health, manufacturers began to turn to artificial flavorings to add to their foods as a way to entice people to buy them. The problem is that even some of the natural flavorings can be harmful if used in large quantities.



Many additives and preservatives have been proven to cause side effects if used in large amounts. Natural substances like MSG and karageenan have been used to create the salty flavor many people crave. The fact is, they are natural and even though they are not related to the most common types of sodium, they are still somewhat harmful. Both are derived from seaweed that can have as much as 150% more sodium than regular table salt. Other preservatives like artificial sweeteners and food grade dyes also have been proven to have side effects, but are used across the board because they make our food look and taste better.

Hot Spices

One beneficial additive is the use of capsaicin. Capsaicin comes from hot peppers and is an effective flavor enhancer in many different foods. Because it is derived from hot peppers, it can raise a person's internal temperature causing a thermogenic effect that burns calories and improves a person's metabolism. Many people add cayenne pepper to their foods to create the same effect.


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