I'm Bored Let's Eat!

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Binge eating has a lot of faces. Eating while bored is one of those faces. In this blog, we talk about willpower and habits and how the two go hand in hand when trying to lose weight.

Find Help if You Need It

It is sometimes not enough to just stand up and say no to yourself. After all, we humans have developed a lot of little tricks that let us bypass our own rules and regulations. The first step in changing behavior is learning to recognize the little warning flags that lead up to that behavior. Easy as that sounds it is not always that easy. Don't be shy about finding a weight loss program that offers support and encouragement.

Activate Your Superpowers

Willpower is about truth. You already know you want that piece of cheesecake even though your goal is to lose twenty pounds. So why not put the obstacle and the goal together for achieving one success. Use that piece of cheesecake as a reward. Or look at that piece of cheesecake as something that you purchase. If I buy that piece of cheesecake, I will have to spend four hours this week on the treadmill just so that I can work off the calories in that piece of cheesecake. Is it worth it? When you break food down into time, we often choose not to indulge.

Make Plans to Eliminate Boredom

Boredom is a state of mind. It sits squarely between being lazy and being satisfied. Change your habits and take the boredom out of the picture. Find a walking partner and go for a walk. Make a plan to ride your bike. Chances are there are periods when you are more likely to be bored. Recognize those periods and then fill them in with activities that you enjoy. In the mean time check out the Metabolic Research Center for healthy recipes, weight loss support, and for a whole lot of encouragement and celebration.



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