How to Calculate the Percentage of Weight Loss

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Whether you like the series or not, NBC's "The Biggest Loser" has increased the interest that many Americans have in losing weight, a lot of weight. The reality show features overweight (most often obese) contestants who compete to win cash prizes by losing the highest percentage of weight during the 12 weeks that the show airs. Needless to say, with seventeen seasons in primetime, the show is a hit. However, the success has not come without harsh criticism. Numerous physicians, nutritionists and weight loss specialists have criticized the format that focuses on competitive weight loss, which has proven counterproductive for many contestants who regained the weight almost as fast as they lost it.

Nowadays, the show is receiving credit for an increase in online search volume for the keyword phrase "how to calculate percentage of weight loss". As each new season begins, contestants start with a weigh-in to establish his or her starting weight. Divided into teams of three, a cumulative weigh-in determines which team lost the most weight by a percentage of total weight loss. Although this method of tracking weight loss success is as highly criticized as the show's format, it has sparked an interest among viewers as to how the percentage of weight loss is calculated. To determine an individual's percentage of weight loss, divide the number of pounds lost by the starting weight and multiply by one hundred (e.g. - 20lbs/200lbs*100 = 10%).

Body Mass Index (BMI) may be a more useful equation as it establishes a numerical rating of your health risks based on your height and weight. Although not without argument, the BMI measure is considered by most experts to be the most reliable assessment of body weight as it relates to good health. As your BMI goes up, so does your risk of developing weight-related diseases, such as diabetes. To determine your BMI, visit the "How It Works" section of the Metabolic Research Center website to use our BMI calculator. To learn more about restoring your health and keeping the weight you lose off, stop any MRC location for a free, no obligations weight loss consultation.


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