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When it comes to making good lifestyle choices, time can be one of the biggest difficulties.  It can seem impossible to eat healthy when you barely have enough time for the drive through.  But the truth is, with some better planning, some basic strategies, and cooking one's own food, it can be cheaper and take less time than those bad habits. Plus, you can stop putting on the pounds and eliminate the lethargy looming an hour later. 

Fish, a good steak, shellfish, or a chicken breast can be cooked in the time it takes to load the family up to go out to a local restaurant, and served for a fraction of the cost. It can be an effort saver to go out to eat, but it is not the timesaver one might think. Often the food can be prepared, served, and eaten before you're seated at a popular restaurant. For the effort that it takes to earn the money to pay for the restaurant, certainly cooking looks like a better option, particularly if you are feeding more than one.

The real value, however, is the change it could make to your quality of life in the short term and the long run.  Fresh food requires less seasoning, and doesn't contain hidden ingredients that are used to flavor, color or control the texture of food, or to preserve it as it sits too long on the pantry shelf.  Cooking food allows the cook to control salt, sugar, heat, spice levels, and other contents added to the food.  It allows for the selection of something better as opposed to taking the easy way out or justifying the money spent.  And, it allows for the proper proportion of vegetables to everything else. Doing that at a restaurant is difficult and even more expensive.

Eating at home has added benefits such as having the food served fresh and hot.  It allows for the pace of each eater and supports uninterrupted conversations.  It also gives a perfect time and place for the family to spend time together.


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