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USDA My Plate Food Portions

Balance is the name of the game for anything health-related. Getting the right balance of all of the food groups in each meal can sometimes seem like an impossible task, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Thankfully these days there are many free tools available online to increase your knowledge of healthy. While there are many things that are relative to your unique body type, height, weight, or level of daily activity, there are some guides that are a good base to start from for just about anyone.

My Plate Quiz

The USDA offers one of these easy guides in the form of their Choose My Plate quizzes. These quizzes offer a fun way to get familiar with important facts about each of the food groups. They have separate quizzes for dairy, fruits, grains, protein, and vegetables, and each of the questions are followed up by useful information you can apply to your future eating plans. Once you’ve completed all of these fun quizzes, you’ll have a better understanding of the amount of each food group you should have in each meal, the unique benefits of each food group, and suggestions of what foods would be healthy options to include in your meals.

Track Your Nutrition Wins

On the page you may also want to take advantage of the Choose My Plate Checklist. Once you enter some of your basic information like age, weight, and height, the site will calculate the best plan for you and offer you a free checklist for daily portions. You’ll not only be able to track how much of each food group you consumed each day, but also record your nutrition “wins” for the day, whether you limited your consumption of negative items, and whether you hit your exercise goals for the day. is a great place to start for a general nutrition guide; but for more detailed guidance and greater results for your specific body type, be sure to visit a Metabolic Research Center for a free consultation.


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