Is Tempeh Better for You Than Tofu?

Sliced Tempeh

Tempeh is absolutely better for you than tofu is. That is a bold statement, but when you compare the nutritional benefits of tempeh to tofu, you find staggering differences. When you compare how each soy product is made you may make tempeh your first choice for soy.

Nutritional Advantage Over Tofu

Tempeh is higher in calories than tofu is, but they are good calories. Tempeh has more protein per one-half cup serving size than tofu. When you consume a half cup of tempeh, you receive slightly more than one-third more protein. A half cup serving of tempeh has seven times more fiber than the same serving size of tofu.

Fiber is an immensely important part of our diets. High fiber diets help improve intestinal health, promotes weight loss, increases cardiovascular health, helps lower cholesterol, and much, much more. Fiber is important to our health. The simple fact that tempeh offers seven times the amount of fiber that tofu offers means that tempeh becomes a healthier choice for everyone.

Promotes Health and Weight Loss

For those people who want to lose weight, consider adding tempeh to your diet. It is a clean form of protein. The same size serving of tempeh provides you with a third more protein than tofu, but it is the differences of processing that make a real difference. Tofu goes through a process where a solvent is used to remove the natural oil from the rest of the bean. In fact, the entire process of creating tofu is complicated. Making tempeh is a much more organic and simpler process.

Tempeh is easy to incorporate into a modern diet. It promotes better health and weight loss. If you are ready to discover how to add tempeh to your diet, just visit the Metabolic Reasearch Center. Here you can find information on healthy eating, work with professionals to develop menus that are each to cook healthy, and satisfying.


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