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Do You Have an Emotional Dependence on Sugar?

Blog Image: Do You Have an Emotional Dependence on Sugar?

Although the sweet flavor of sugar might taste good, processed sugars are not good for your health. Eating too much refined sugar can cause inflammation, headaches, and low energy levels. Moreover, reducing consumption will likely improve your mental clarity and focus. Glucose in the bloodstream not only comes from consuming sugar, but from any starchy food like pasta or potatoes.

From cupcakes to Asian sauces, sugar is almost impossible to avoid and is found in many unsuspecting foods. Carbohydrate chains break down into glucose in your mouth and stomach. Known as sugar addiction, an emotional or psychological dependence on sugary drinks or sugar-laden foods is a real cause for concern as the body metabolizes the glucose.

  • Avoid Sleep Debt - You may be aware that your dietary intake can contribute to your risk for diabetes. It is much more common when our sleep habits are involved. Sleep plays a crucial role in your body's ability to metabolize glucose.
  • Feel Full Again - Sugar fuels every cell in your brain and your brain sees sugar as a reward food. When you consume too much sugar, you reinforce the reward, which can leave you wanting more making it a difficult habit to break.
  • Fewer Headaches - If you combine carbohydrate intake with protein and fats, it is easier to keep your energy and blood sugar levels stable to provide your body with a more consistent source of fuel.
  • Clearer Complexion - A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that eating too much sugar can wreak havoc on your skin. There is a positive correlation between high-sugar intake and the severity of acne.

A sweet tooth is a palate phenomenon. However, it doesn't take that long to lose the unnatural cravings for sweetness. In fact, whole foods will taste sweet again and overly processed food products will become unpleasantly sweet. Although not generally considered as serious as an addiction to illicit drugs or alcohol, sugar cravings can cause a number of serious health effects.

If corrective actions are not taken, emotional and psychological dependence on sugary foods and drinks can become a real concern. Withdrawal from a sugar addiction can be intense. If you abruptly eliminate sugar from your diet, you may experience withdrawal symptoms of irritability, fogginess, moodiness and low energy, so be prepared to regain and maintain control.


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