Complete Protein Meal Plans for Lifestyle Change

Rice and Beans Protein Plate

A complete protein diet provides a full complement of all the necessary proteins for human health.  Complete proteins are a concept whereby all of the essential amino acids are present in a meal, making it possible for the body to have everything it needs each day.  Essential amino acids are not produced by the body, and so they must be eaten in order for the body to have them available. 

Animal sources of protein such as meat, poultry, fish, dairy, and eggs are complete sources of protein all by themselves.  Other foods are incomplete sources of proteins, and must be strategically combined to make a complete protein food source.  Some famous food combinations such as beans and rice are famous, and ancient, because they are complete proteins, and the people for whom they are staple foods are healthier as a result.

This is significant for people who are undergoing lifestyle changes as they alter their diets so that they can be aware that this is an issue.  Most people think only about vitamin deficiencies, but when changing their habits drastically, essential amino acids are just as important.

As mentioned earlier, beans and rice form a complete protein.  Beans and corn tortillas similarly form a complete protein.  Legumes with grains, nuts and seeds, or dairy are also a good combination to make a complete protein set.  Grains with dairy, such as cereal and milk, form a complete protein diet, as do dairy with nuts, seeds, or legumes.  Peanut butter sandwiches, mac-and-cheese, hummus with pita, yogurt with nuts, a grilled cheese, tofu with any grain, noodles with peanut or sesame sauce, lentil soup with bread, combinations of these kinds form a complete protein set. 

People who are trying out vegetarianism or other type of diet that has limited meat or dairy sources should keep complete proteins in mind in order to maintain their overall health. 


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