Pick the Right Partner to Increase Your Chances for Weight Loss Success

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It really is a no-brainer that losing weight is less challenging when you have a weight-loss friend. While there are studies aplenty to back such a claim, it only works if you choose the right partner. That said, studies have shown that those who approach losing weight with a trusted partner that holds them accountable for sticking with their fitness and menu plans, find it easier to lose weight and keep it off. After all, doing something that is more enjoyable is also more sustainable.

Although it is not imperative, it works better when you partner with someone who has similar ambitions to your own. For example, since you both have something to lose (extra pounds), you can both focus on what you've got to gain (shopping for smaller sized clothes). This type of synergy will go far in keeping both of you motivated. To make it easier to meet at the gym or take a stress-relieving hike in the woods, it also helps if your partner has a schedule that is similar to yours.

Fact is, you'll need your weight-loss partner for more than your workout routine. It is always a bonus when you can share trips to the grocery store or grab a healthy meal at lunch. The road to successful weight loss can be fraught with obstacles and the going can be much easier when you have someone you trust to share the journey. So, instead of investing your energy in the latest fad diet, spend a little time recruiting a partner who will help you stick to your plan.

Remember, you can always find the support you need at your nearest Metabolic Research Center. Our weight loss coach can personlize a nutrient-rich menu plan and exercise routine for you and your partner. Call 800-501-8090 to talk with a weight loss specialist today. We love to celebrate weight loss success... and the more the merrier.


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