Non-Dairy Milk Options for Your Kitchen

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Lactose intolerant? Embracing a vegan lifestyle? Perhaps, you’re embarking on a weight loss journey. People are ending their love affairs with dairy milk for a variety of reasons. If you’ve decided to give up cow’s milk for good, you’re in luck. Nowadays, supermarket shelves are packed with non-dairy milk options. During your next grocery run, consider stocking up with one or more of the following tasty alternatives to cow’s milk.


Soy milk was the first non-dairy option to invade supermarket shelves. To make soy milk, soy beans are soaked, crushed, and cooked. After the cooking process, the liquid is removed. Soy milk is packed with protein to help you feel full longer. A cup of this drink contains eight grams of protein and four and a half grams of fat. However, a cup of soy milk only consists of a half of a gram of saturated fat.


Hemp milk is produced from hemp seeds and water. This variety of non-dairy milk has a creamy texture. It also has a nutty flavor. A cup of Hemp milk contains two grams of protein and five grams of fat. Like soy milk, a cup of hemp milk only consists of a half of a gram of health derailing, saturated fat. 


To make almond milk, manufacturers skin almonds before grinding them coarsely with water. The concoction is then filtered to extract the solid materials from it. Almond milk tends to be less costly than other non-dairy alternatives. A cup of almond milk contains one gram of protein and two and a half grams of fat. This healthy beverage is also devoid of saturated fat.

With all of the delicious, non-dairy milk options available today, avoiding cow’s milk is easier than ever before. If you’d like to learn more about incorporating non-dairy milk alternatives into your diet, consider scheduling a consultation with a representative at a Metabolic Research Center near you.


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