Less Stress -- Less Stored Fat


If you are struggling with not being able to lose as much weight as you would like, stress might be to blame. For one, a higher stress level produces an increase of cortisol and causes you to have difficulty losing weight. You need to watch your diet, however, you also might need to simplify your life.

When you are experiencing high amounts of pressure for various reasons, your body reacts to it. Most of the time, the stress you are dealing with results in increased fat storage in your abdominal area. One way to deal with this problem is to consume healthier sources of carbohydrates. This include green vegetables, whole-grain bread, pumpkins and legumes. You also are advised to eat less processed foods and packaged meals loaded with preservatives.

Eating smaller meals throughout the day or consuming a healthy snack between meals might also help. Some choices include certain kinds of energy bars and shakes. Otherwise, just perhaps a handful of fresh carrots and broccoli in a moderate amount of time would curb your appetite. However, you also might need to find other ways to reduce stress besides making small diet changes.

Exercise, for instance, has long but been proven to be extremely beneficial for reducing stress. Once you experience that natural endorphin high from physical activity, it calms your nerves. This leads to less need to succumb to stress eating, and of course, eating fewer calories helps you lose unwanted pounds.

Simplifying your schedule and trying to accomplish less in a day also would help. Furthermore, you are advised to take time to relax and make sure you sleep at least six to eight hours per day. If you have self-esteem issues, you also might benefit from professional counseling or a support group.



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