How Weight Loss Resistance Can Ruin Your Plan

Attitude Changes Everything

People often try and try to lose weight only to end up gaining it back. Some reach a certain point and can't move past it no matter how much effort they put into their weight loss goals. Over the years, many research studies have been performed that prove the way we think about certain things and our genetic make-up can have a lot to do with whether or not we lose weight. The human body is extremely efficient in everything it does. Losing weight should be as simple as more calories burned and less calories consumed equals effective weight loss. For some, it just isn't that simple.

Genetic Makeup

Our bodies are unique. Each person has their own genetic makeup that dictates how their body will work, look and respond to specific stimuli. Some people are born to be stockier than others simply because they are more muscular. Others are more lean and fine tuned for speed and quick response. Your body type will determine whether you body holds weight or uses excess energy to remain hyper-efficient. While you cannot change your genetics, you can learn to understand your body and what makes it tick. You may require a specific ratio of proteins, carbs and fats to maintain a healthy weight. It is up to you to find out what makes your body function the way it does and then use that information to better control your eating and exercise pattern.

Losing Weight Depends Upon How You Think

Whether you believe it or not, your attitude will play a huge role in whether or not your weight loss program is successful. Depression, anxiety and panic disorders can cause a person to hold onto their weight as a defense mechanism. Evaluate your thought patterns to find out if you are sabotaging your own efforts. If you are, change how you think. Eliminate the don'ts and replace them with the "I cans!"


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