Rigidity of Diet is Not Lifestyle Change

Man Writing in Food Journal

Every person is different.  How they eat, why they eat, and what they eat all vary, based on numerous factors.  This makes it impossible to nail down a single diet plan, which is why most of the diets give broad guidelines in order to serve as many people as possible.  Most “diets” fail anyway, and usually for a psychological reason.  That is why most diets can be “blamed” for yo-yo dieting. 

Lifestyle change is different, and harder.  It is harder to explain, and takes more time, patience, and self-forgiveness.  That is because lifestyle change is not meant to work for six months, but to offer health benefits for each person's entire life.  It is a deeply altering and habit changing task, which has to take into account the changes as well as the ingrained habits that people have.  It is a journey of self-examination and discovery, a long course of study, and a time of careful listening to one's own body and mind.  It is not easy to do in the throes of everyday life, but it's necessary to do it despite daily distraction. 

Low carbohydrate diets and low fat diets have both been proven to work in the short term, and can be very useful tools in order to work one's way down to a target weight.  But what will the diet look like once that weight is met?  Daily diet once one is at a target weight must look different than what a person ate before dieting, or the weight will not stay off.  So daily eating habits have to be a consideration before, during, and after completing a diet program. 

Food journaling can help, as careful examination of what one eats, and why, and what emotional state one is in can help with self-examination.  This can help before a diet program is begun, but should continue during the process, as the changes can be revealing as well.  Each person should ultimately be looking for a healthy dietary philosophy that they can stick to for the rest of their lives.


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