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Hmmm LigtbulbsWe get it. No one who is used to eating out all the time, or who loves fast food, automatically thinks, “Hey, I could really go for a kale salad.” When your body is used to a certain type of substance, that’s what it craves. But here is something equally true: your cravings CAN CHANGE.

One of the biggest arguments people have about changing their eating plan is that they just don’t like fruits and vegetables. They don’t crave them. Fruits and vegetables- to many people- are the last thing that sounds satisfying in a meal. But, your cravings aren’t all simply things you were born with. It is very much possible to change your cravings by dedication to a healthier eating plan.

Here’s the only catch: it’s not automatic. You’re not going to switch to healthier foods and start craving them the very next day. Your cravings will shift usually after two to three weeks of commitment to cleaner, fresher foods. As you avoid processed foods, fast food, and eating out, and replace your meals with more organic foods and fresh vegetables, you’ll start to notice you have more energy, a clearer mind, and even decreased pain.

But, seeing these changes in your physical well being is not what changes your cravings. As your body gets used to your new diet, you’ll notice that you don’t crave sweets as often, and the thought of greasy fast food may even make your stomach turn. When you do indulge in some fast food, you’ll quickly feel a difference in your body, whereas before your body was so conditioned to accept the artificial or cheap ingredients that you wouldn’t have noticed. This will make you even less eager to return to eating junk food. Test it out: stop in at a Metabolic Research Center close to you to learn about eating plans that will actually fuel and nourish your body, and literally transform your current cravings.


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I am so impressed with MRC and the staff here in Eugene. I gave tried, unsuccessfully, to lose weight for the last two years on another well known program with no success...lose two, gain one and on and on. Finally, this program, the medical tests and personalized attention gave got me moving forward and losing weight. I am so grateful my husband saw the advertisement and encouraged me to make an appointment!


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