Does the Fist Diet Provide Good Portion Sizes?

Balled Up Fist

Chances are, you’ve heard about the “Fist Diet”. Widely regarded as a “moderate portions diet”, the Fist Diet isn’t a diet at all. It’s strictly adherent to suggested serving sizes, relying on the consumer’s “fistful” of food. Commonly, consumers believe portions have been skewed over the years. Not every product reveals accurate portion information, and many bend the truth in terms of nutritional value per serving size.

The Skinny on Serving Sizes

Portions have increased steadily over the years. Cereal boxes contain higher portions per breakfast serving, and fast food items are getting larger. What was once considered “moderate” is now considered small, and today’s medium sizes are quite bigger.

Typical restaurant sizes, too, have increased and health experts have pinned America’s “size-up” to its serving size increases. While not entirely true, the theory holds water. In many ways, however, it’s about “what” one eats, rather than “how much”.

Using Fist-Sized Portion

The fist-sized portion was developed to creation rational portions. It’s taken by filling the plate with one “fistful” of carbohydrates, one “fistful” of protein and two “fistfuls” of vegetables. Three “fingers” of fat are permitted. The ratio’s rationale is contingent upon equal nutritional balance, giving the body its basic needs through basic sizes.

The Fist Diet has become popular because of its quickness and ease of consumption. Consumers can eyeball food servings while maintaining a balanced diet. Portion-controlled meals won’t spin out of control, and they’re relatively stable in the calorie department. It’s practical, and it’s easy to maintain. That said, the Fist Diet shouldn’t be used to accept pure junk into one’s diet. A difference exists between healthy fats and pizza.

While fats and sugar are warranted through the Fist Diet, they should still be limited when determining portions and a healthy dietary balance. Try using this method with your individualized menu plan.


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