Burn that Fat - Literally

Picture of red serrano peppers which contain natural compounds to help burn fat

Red hot chili peppers are more than a band. They're the hottest thing in weight loss - literally. You see, a variety of hot peppers, including cayenne, pimiento and serrano peppers contain dihydrocapsiate and capsaicin, natural compounds that give them their kick. Turns out, they also kick the body into its own heat-generating mechanism called thermogenesis, which packs variety of health and weight loss benefits.


Studies show that dihydrocapsiate and capsaicin may help boost your body's production of brown fat, which makes up a small, highly active percentage of your total body fat and works to regulate body temperature. By contrast, it's white fat that leads to obesity, and the thermogenic properties of brown fat can help combat white fat. Here are a few of the benefits of adding a little heat to your eat…


Dihydrocapsiate and capsaicin can help:


  1. Jumpstart metabolism
  2. Boost energy and alertness
  3. Cut your appetite in half
  4. Curb your binging habit
  5. Improve digestion
  6. More efficiently break down carbohydrates
  7. Improve fat oxidation
  8. Boost stamina
  9. Protect your body from cell damage caused by cancer-causing free radicals
  10. Supply your body with vitamin A and C, both of which strengthen your immune system


Heat up your weight loss efforts by cooking up a few healthy and flavor-packed recipes from Metabolic Research Center. A spicy favorite? Chicken fajita kabobs.


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