Why Pay Full Price for Food?

Local Farmers Market

Have you ever heard that you get what you pay for? If you have a menu plan and have considered grocery list items - you’ve probably thought about costs. Of course, shopping requires money. Nothing is free, but great deals do exist. Sometimes, wholesale clubs, dollar stores, ethnic food stores and farmers markets contain high-quality food capable of cutting some pounds.

Your fridge needn’t be jam-packed with high-cost ingredients. Remember, when you do shop, you can compare prices - without settling for bottom-dollar foods by shopping smart.

The “Buy One, Get One” Deal

Always take advantage of “Buy One, Get One Free” deals. These deals thrive in food bins, and you’d be surprised to find your regular grocery’s awesome deals lurking around the aisle. Not only will this save money, it’ll create a more stable diet. Think about it: If you’re sticking to whole wheat, a free bread loaf cuts down on driving time, shopping time and costs. Plus, it keeps your diet consistent by stocking up on what you use the most.

Fresh Produce, Fresh Savings

Additionally, buying fresh is a great decision. Too many shoppers neglect fresh produce -forgetting the low prices associated with in-season fruits and veggies. When the supplier spends less to produce, the buyer spends less at the cash register. Remember to check seasonal deals, too, as your local farmer's market might have umbrella deals to provide mass price cuts. Fresh foods are much less expensive when in season, and they’re at tip-top flavor and nutrition, too.

Buy Smart, and Buy Less

While the “Buy One, Get One” deal persists, consider purchasing less of more expensive foods. Certain foods needn’t be bought in bulk, and they’ll spare your wallet in the long run when approached delicately. Additionally, don’t buy mass amounts of spoilable food. You might think you’re saving time, but you’re actually increasing your chances of wasting good food. Learn to store portions, and start freezing spare food in Tupperware to take full advantage great buys.


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