Prepare Now to Plant a Fall Garden

Garden Spinach Ready to Harvest

Summer is nearly over, which means that it's just about time to start thinking about planting a fall garden. There are a variety of vegetables that grow well during the cool fall months and just about anyone can successfully cultivate and enjoy eating at least some of the homegrown vegetables of his or her choice.

If you are planting vegetables for the first time, start by considering how much growing space you have. Use container plants if you can only tend a small garden, as these are easy to tend to and don't take up much room. If you have extra space, feel free to plant a number of large vegetable plants.

Some good vegetables to plant in the fall include lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, radishes, turnips and carrots. If you want to see results in a hurry, go with fast-growing crops such as radishes, spinach and arugula, all of which reach maturity in less than fifty days. Those who have the patience to wait a few months until harvest may want to consider growing carrots, Brussels sprouts and/or broccoli.

Avoid using commercial fertilizer or pesticides on your homegrown garden. Your plants will benefit just as much from your food garbage as they would from commercial fertilizers and planting oregano together with your vegetables will help keep insects at bay.

Gardening can be great fun for anyone. Kids in particular can benefit from helping grow their own food; at the same time, you can enjoy cultivating and eating the vegetables of your choice even if you don't have children. Simply choose a good spot for your garden, buy seeds or seedlings from a reputable seller, care for your plants daily and enjoy seeing them grow and produce a harvest.


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