It's Time to Can or Pickle Fresh Fall Vegetables

Fresh Pickled Fall Vegetables

If you want to enjoy your favorite vegetables fresh throughout the winter, then canning or pickling them is your best option. It is not difficult to learn how to either can or pickle vegetables and the results are more than worth the effort.

Pickling Fresh Fall Vegetables

You will want to either find a pickle marinade recipe online or buy a ready-made pickle marinade at the supermarket. Experiment a bit to find what type of marinade you like best. Alternatively, you may use different marinades with different vegetables.

Boil your marinade on the stove, cut the vegetables into slices or cubes and immerse them in the boiling marinade for three minutes. Take the mixture off the stove, allow it to cool and then put the vegetables and marinade into a sterilized glass jar.

Canning Fresh Fall Vegetables

Canning is more complex than pickling and it should be noted that the procedure for canning tomato products is different from canning other fresh vegetables. If you are new to canning, be sure to read the USDA's Complete Guide to Home Canning before you start off to make sure your food does not spoil while in storage. You will also need to buy the cans and canning accessories you need beforehand; these can be found for sale either online or at a large supermarket such as Wal-Mart.

Picking and canning vegetables will keep the vegetables fresh for months. Both options enable you to buy vegetables fresh (and cheap) and then store and eat them when they are not available for purchase. Thankfully, neither canning nor pickling is overly difficult. You need only buy the needed items, sterilize them before and after use and then choose and cut the vegetables you want to preserve.


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