How to Avoid Artificial Sweetener Syndrome

Bowl and Scoop of Artificial Sweetner

Contrary to popular belief, artificial sweeteners weren't developed to help people lose weight, although that ended up being an added benefit. They were created to provide diabetics with food choices that were sweeter and better tasting.

Artificial sweeteners were intended to be used in moderation. Eating too many foods that contain them can actually lead to what is known as Artificial Sweetener Syndrome.

If you are trying to lose weight, it is important not to overuse sugar substitutes and avoid the dangers associated with Artificial Sweetener Syndrome.

  • Excessive amounts of sugar substitutes can actually increase your craving for sweets.
  • Too many sugar substitutes can actually make you hungry much sooner than necessary leading to additional weight gain.
  • Some artificial sweeteners have proven to be addictive leading to more food cravings and an increased desire for the same foods.
  • People may believe that eating foods that are sweetened with sugar substitutes and have no calories will allow them to consume other foods in larger quantities. This will also lead to excessive weight gain and defeats the purpose of eating sugar free products.
  • Increasing the amount of foods with artificial sweeteners sometimes means avoiding real foods that contain more nutrients. This sabotages the immune system and can lead to illness and disease. 

Always remember to eat any food in moderation. Even if it is sugar free and contains few calories. Eating smaller quantities allows you to control the amount of artificial sweeteners you ingest and maintain healthy eating habits that will help you reach your weight loss goals. Artificial Sweetener Syndrome does not have to become a problem. By monitoring how much you consume, you will be able to get the nutrients you need and not deprive yourself of the foods you love.



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