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So, if you are reading this, for whatever reason (or passel of reasons), the decision to lose weight has been made, or you are in the process of rallying your best effort to initiate a change to improve your health and wellness.

Each person is different, and gets to this place for different reasons, but there may be more reasons than you know.  Since awareness can equate to additional motivation in most cases, understanding more about a healthier lifestyle and how it can impact your day-to-day, can help get you there.

One facet of this process involves your mood and attitude, as well as how diet and exercise impacts both.  Exercise has huge impact on your body chemistry at all levels, from the increased blood flow that feeds your muscles to the chemical cascades that power everything from brain to toenail growth.  It drives endorphins (those feel good chemicals) into your system, which can improve your day's outlook and how you see it.

Food drives a less obvious cause-and-effect cycle, but your food habits can have an impact that changes in time.  Everybody knows a soda or candy bar will give a sugar (and sometimes a caffeine) high.  It also causes a pretty obvious crash when your blood sugar suddenly drops.  Other foods do the same thing, in an often less dramatic, but just as real way.  Diets that are high in simple carbohydrates like sugar, corn syrup, and processed starches (e.g. - white wheat flour) hit the system for a quick energy rush that also results in a sudden crash. 

Food crashes don't just impact the muscles of your body, but impact your brain as well.  Foods heavy in these simple carbohydrates are often “empty” calories, which means that they are also low nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.  Filling up with empty calories leaves holes that can impact every part of your body.  A tired, crashing body is also less perky, less social, less optimistic, and less likely to take care of itself. 

It is easy to see how maintaining a positive outlook is tough under these rapidly changing physiological conditions.  Now consider the inflict that a bad diet with those sugar crashes and poor nutrition has on your body over time and it is easy to see that a healthier body is one less hardship to overcome when seeking a better mood.


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