Cold Brew Tea: The Easy Way to Stop the Soda Habit

Cold-Brewed Glass of Ice Tea

Tea comes in hundreds of varieties.  Black, oolong, green, even herbal, and a multitude of blends offer a range of things to explore for even the most die hard soda addict.  Making tea part of the day-to-day, particularly in a workplace environment can be challenging.  However, cold brewing tea is a great way to tackle some of those tea obstacles. 

Choosing a loose tea is less convenient in an obvious way.  However, considering this step is important because only a small, and largely inferior quality of tea is available in bags.  If convenience is a must for day to day tea consumption, opting for tea bags is certainly a better option than reverting to a soda habit, but there's so much out there to choose from, it isn't necessary to limit the selection to bagged tea.  There are tea bags available that can be filled with any tea at home.

Hard core coffee aficionados may be familiar with the technique, but at the sacrifice of some color and acidity, cold brewing offers a way to brew tea and coffee without boiling water.  It just takes more time to do so.  Essentially, placing good quality water in a pitcher (or thermos with ice) and adding 8-12 grams of tea per quart of water (that's a rounded tablespoon for most tea), and leaving it there for 4 or more hours is the basic method.  Pu-erh, herb teas, non-tea teas (like rooibos), and tea blends need a little hot water rinse before cold brewing.  This rinses off impurities and dust. White tea brews fastest at about 4 hours, followed by green tea.

Other teas take various times to cold brew, although herbal teas tend to take the longest amount of time.


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