Which Colors Should Be On Your Fork?

Colorful Food on Forks

Color and the appeal of various foods are closely related. Research studies have proven that the appearance of food triggers neurons in the hypothalamus, which is the area of the brain that is responsible for producing feelings of hunger (lateral hypothalamus) as well as the sensation of being full (ventromedial hypothalamus). So we know that our motivation to eat relies heavily on external cues like color. Conversely, the failure of certain food products may have less to do with flavor and more to do with how appealing the food is to the shopper's eye.

Nature has clever ways of informing us as to what we should be eating and colors are the secret to eating foods that are essential for wellness. Different nutrients that your body requires to maintain good health stick out like a sore thumb in the grocery store and on your fork. For example, the phytochemical lycopene that is needed to protect the body from prostate and breast cancers contains carotene that turns the meat of tomatoes and watermelons an appealing red; or anthocyanins that keep your mind sharp contain pigments that give blueberries their desirable purple hue.  

If your fork looks boring when you sit down to eat, there's a good chance you may not be getting the minerals and vitamins needed for natural hormonal balance. So not only is a colorless selection of foods less than appealing, a bland looking fork is a good indicator that you aren't getting the nutrients your body needs from the foods you're consuming. According to Children's Healthcare nutritionist Antonio Cain, "No single food can provide us with the variety of nutrients we need, so eating foods of different colors can help ensure we get the variety we need."

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