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We all have challenges when it comes to eating healthy, losing weight, and gaining health and one of the biggest obstacles comes from eating junk food. The name alone should be a warning JUNK food. Junk food has little value to our bodies. It is usually high in sugar, salt, and fats while low in vitamins and healthy minerals. Not such a good mix for a machine (our body) that thrives on using vitamins and minerals to create lean muscle, a smart brain, and healthy system that allow us to enjoy life. Yeah, there might be good reasons to keep junk food out of your pantry.

Mindless Grazing

Are you one of the millions of people who graze all day long? Are you the one in the office with the drawer full of snacks? Is your meal plan similar to that of a hobbit - two breakfasts, three lunches, two dinners, and plenty of "snackage" between meals?

If you are and your midsection is expanding or you find it more difficult to bend over and tie your shoes, climb a flight of stairs, or chase after the kids then consider reducing or eliminating junk food. All of these deficiencies are signs of poor health and likely obesity. We don't have to be slaves to food. While that is easy to say, it is much more difficult to accomplish. You don't have to do this alone. Stop by the Metabolic Research Center and discover why healthy food helps you lose weight, satisfies your cravings for junk food, and helps you gain health, lose "obesity," and energize your day.

Food’s Impact on the Brain

Junk food is not much different than smoking or doing drugs. In fact, food is nothing more than chemistry. While food does not make us high it does have a brain response and that response can be powerful. Junk food is a "sight feeder's" gold mine. The packages are brightly colored, they have happy fonts, beautiful images that play right into our brain’s need for ...is that chocolate? If you want to eliminate the pressure that junk food has on your brain, just don't buy it. A good tip to avoid junk food is to do your grocery shopping online. Many major grocery chains offer home delivery. After all, if you cannot see the junk food, then your brain's sight feeding impulses wane.

To understand how to lose weight, gain health and live a healthy lifestyle visit the Metabolic Research Center where you will find a library of amazingly delicious and healthy recipes. You also have access to genetic testing which helps to show the natural obstacles that challenge you. Sometimes, weight gain is all about hormones. The takeaway here is that you are not alone in this struggle and that others have succeeded in the journey you are about to take. Learn from their secrets at the Metabolic Research Center and let's get healthy!


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— Brian Wilson

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