Almond Milk is Nutty Delicious

Bottle of Almond Milk

Almond milk has increased in popularity in recent years, and has become much more available in supermarkets.  It is a great source of non-dairy calcium without adding the cholesterol of the average glass of milk.  For people who are lactose intolerant, or watching their cholesterol, it is a great addition to a daily diet.  It is readily available now in many regular supermarkets, and is a staple item in most health-food stores.  Some brands of almond milk are shelf stable in their cartons and don't need refrigeration until they are opened. 

What is not so widely known is just how simple almond milk is to make at home.  In fact, almond milk made at home is quite a bit tastier than the stuff that comes in a carton.  And it doesn't have all the other stuff that comes in the carton, which is both good, and bad, depending on the point of view.  Almond milk is made with ingredients that make it more stable and homogenous.  It spoils less quickly and has a thicker texture than the homemade stuff.  Raw almonds, on the other hand, are pretty shelf stable themselves, and who wants extra ingredients in their food?

To make almond milk, take a cup of almonds and soak them in 3 ½ cups water for at least an hour, or overnight.  Pop them into a blender and blend them until they are creamy, and then strain them through a nut-milk strainer or a flour sack towel.  Flour sack towels are an awesome kitchen tool for straining.  Squeeze the bag to get every bit of the almond goodness out of the bag.  Dates, vanilla bean, cinnamon, even cocoa can be added to flavor the almond milk to personal taste.  Commonly available store-bought brands include plain, sweetened, vanilla, and chocolate.


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