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Want to talk to someone who has been in your shoes? Welcome to Evanville's Metabolic Research Center team page. Our consultants understand and have completed the MRC weight loss program.

Personalized plans offered by Metabolic Research Center in Evansville were created by doctors and registered dietitians to provide each individual with a safe, effective approach to losing pounds and shedding inches. Let our team teach you how to set realistic goals that will allow you to attain your target weight quicker than you may have ever expected.

I am so happy I made MRC in Panama City, Fl. part of my life in 2012. My life changed for the better, with the weight loss I achieved such health benefits and knowledge to continue and maintain my success. As a bonus I now love shopping. The representatives here are so wonderful and helpful. I love them all. In total I lost 50lbs.

— Christine Baldwin

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