Good Reasons To Go Nuts!

Healthy Nuts

Nuts are an ideal for choice for people who are attempting to lose weight or make healthy lifestyle changes. They are extremely convenient and packed full of nutrients. Although some are healthier than others, most contain vitamins and nutrients the body needs without containing extra calories. Nuts are extremely versatile as well. They can be eaten alone as a healthy, in between meal snack or added as a tasty, nutritious ingredient in many different recipes. Explore different recipes to find out how many different ways they can be enjoyed.

Nuts offer a variety of benefits. Along with being extremely convenient, they also contain a balance of protein and fats that slow down digestion. Combine them with juice or fresh fruits and vegetables and you have a snack that produces sustainable levels of energy that can last until you are ready to eat your next big meal. Cashews, almonds and pistachios contain ample amounts of protein and a modest amount of fat. Both are needed by the body to produce energy and sustain metabolic functions. This is part of the reason nuts are included in trail mix and granola bars.

While nuts are extremely healthy, they can also be addicting. Limiting each serving size is extremely important. This is definitely a case of too much of a good thing can be bad. Certain varieties of nuts have a much higher fat content than others. This leads to extra calories and extra pounds if you over-indulge. One way to prevent eating too much is to include nuts and nut pastes in your favorite recipes. Foods will have the same nutty flavor, but portions will be limited and calories will not have to be counted so strictly.


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