Does Ear Stapling Work for Weight Loss?

Man Getting Acupuncture in Ear

Acupuncture is sought out as a remedy for many different ailments, but what about for weight loss purposes? One popular trend that has surfaced for losing weight is the fad of ear stapling, also known as “staplepuncture.” The premise of this option is that there are nerve endings in the cartilage of your ear that may affect your weight loss. We wanted to look into whether this is a safe option or not, and here’s what we found.

In the process of ear stapling, small surgical staples are inserted into the cartilage in the center of your ear. But this isn’t just a short-term procedure. It is recommended by the practitioners that you leave the staple in for up to three months. During this time you are advised to clean the staple area regularly to prevent infection.

The interesting thing is that those who advise ear stapling also still encourage their clients to eat healthy and exercise, which are already widely accepted ways to promote weight loss. The risk of serious infections in your ear doesn’t seem worth it in any respect, but especially when you still need to put into practice the tips that most weight loss professionals will advise.

The American Medical Association and many other trusted organizations agree that ear stapling isn’t likely to do all it promises, and is a dangerous route to take considering the infection that could occur. At the Metabolic Research Center we promote time-tested ways to cut that weight and ease into a lifestyle of healthy living. If you’re looking for a way to lose weight that is healthy and will last, come in for a free consultation at our nearest location.


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