Test Your Family's Color Vision for a Balanced Diet

Boy Looking at Colorful Plate of Food

 Many popular weight loss programs are more focused on rapid weight loss than on health. These diets often restrict food choices to only one or two items. Not only is this unappealing, it’s unhealthy as well. Those seeking to lose weight and get healthy should instead follow a rainbow diet, where they seek to incorporate as many colorful fruits and veggies as possible. If you prepare meals for your family, it’s vital to pass this skill on to them as well.


Why Variety is Important

Think of food colors as different types of vitamins. You should strive to eat as many of these “vitamins” as you can each day. By limiting yourself to only one food group or color, like with fad diets, you are limiting the vitamins that your body needs to function. You must replenish these daily, and taking a vitamin supplement won’t always help you obtain the daily requirement of them. Fruits and vegetables also contain fiber, which helps with weight loss and with maintaining proper blood sugar levels. While a vibrantly colored meal at every sitting is ideal, it isn’t necessary. Aim for consuming more colorful fruits and veggies over the course of a week instead.

Getting Your Family to Eat Well

The key to getting your family to eat a more colorful pallet is to involve them in the process of food preparation. Start by taking them to the grocery store and allowing them to choose the colors for a meal. Then, let them help prepare the meal in the kitchen. With children, you can even make the process into a game, where each child gets to choose a color of the day or design the night’s color pallet. Additionally, ask each family member for ways to add color to dishes, such as adding cucumber, lettuce tomatoes and other veggies to hamburgers.


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