Hunger and Shopping: Why the Two Don't Mix

Line of Groceries at Check Out

Have you ever gone shopping when you are also hungry? Was the result disastrous? Did you spend way more money on food than what you had budgeted? Did you come home with a ton of junk food, salty snacks, and high-fat or high-sugar foods? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know firsthand why hunger and shopping for food should never mix. In this healthy eating better shopping blog we look at why we overindulge with shopping when we are hungry.

Things Look Much Better When You are Starving

At the most basic — for example — more people are willing to dumpster dive the longer they are hungry. Why? As it turns out, our body is hard-wired to seek out food when we are hungry. The process is fueled by — no pun intended — a little molecule called glycogen. It is much like an energizer battery as it is full of energy and helps us power our way through the day. When we are hungry, our body becomes desperate for more energy and that craving fuels our desire to eat anything and everything. We are organisms that gain energy by consuming food. So when you go into a Grocery store, or you drive past a fast-food restaurant when you are starving you probably feel that little bit of extra pull to pick up junk foods or swing through the drive through.

When we are not energy deprived we stand a much better chance of sticking to what is on our grocery list than when we are hungry. It goes back to fight or flight as a base defense mechanism. Our body always wants energy. Knowing that can help you control weight loss. The fine folks over at the Metabolic Research Center offer support and resources to people who are trying to lose weight or gain health. If you want to conquer the grocery shopping experience, just have a little healthy snack, such as an orange or apple, before you head out to the store. While you are at it, check out the Metabolic Research Center and discover a whole new level of health.


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