How to Eat Healthy at American Food Restaurants

Woman Eating at American Food Restaurant

A month ago, you began a healthier eating plan. So far, you’re excited with your results. You’ve lost a few pounds and feel more energetic. Unfortunately, you miss eating at your favorite American food restaurants. But, you reason you can’t dine out as long as you’re dieting. If you can relate to this scenario, don’t despair. You can stick to your diet while eating at American food restaurants by adhering to the following tips.

Decline the Bread Basket

When you’re seated at your favorite American food restaurant, does your server immediately bring a heaping basket of bread to your table? To help you stick to your diet while dining at your favorite restaurant, politely decline the bread basket. You’ll save a ton of calories. Because you won’t fill up on bread, you’ll also likely savor your healthy entrée more.

Indulge in Delicious, Healthy Salads

When dining at a favorite eatery, be wary of the salads on the menu. Sadly, many restaurant salads are caloric disasters. When ordering a salad, tell your server to leave off the:

  • Bacon
  • Croutons
  • Cheese 

Also, request to receive the salad dressing on the side. When available, select low-fat, fat-free, or vinaigrette, dressing options.

Request Healthy Food Preparation Alternatives

Perhaps, your favorite, local restaurant is famous for its fried chicken tenders. Because you know fried food isn’t waistline friendly, ask your server if you can order grilled, baked, broiled, or roasted chicken fingers rather than fried ones. You might be surprised at how accommodating the staff at many restaurants are.

Resist the Urge to Save Calories

When dieting, some people feel they need to save calories all day before dining at a restaurant for dinner. For example, they might skip breakfast entirely and eat a small lunch before consuming a ton of calorie laden food at dinner. Unfortunately, this logic is fraught with error. When you skip meals, your body goes into starvation mode. Because your body is unsure when it will receive the next meal, it begins transforming calorie reserves into fat. When dining out for dinner, eat healthy, balanced meals throughout the day. You’ll be less likely to stuff yourself at dinner, and feel miserable later.

Dining at your favorite American food restaurants doesn’t have to derail your diet plan. By following a few, simple tips, you can enjoy a night out and promote your weight loss goals too.


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