Do You Struggle With Hunger Pangs?

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Hunger pangs can be a real pain. Food cravings are one of the main causes people fail when they start a new diet. Becoming accustomed to less food and fewer calories can cause the stomach to be a very unhappy camper. There are several ways to avoid the cravings and hunger pangs, that will help you lose weight more effectively and feel better while you're doing it.

Don't Watch So Much Television

The worst thing about television is the food commercials. You are constantly being shown pictures of your favorite foods. Why? Because food manufacturers know you are a captive audience and by planting the seed when you are watching a show you like, it will cause their food commercial to stick in your head, creating cravings that are hard to ignore. Instead of watching television, take a walk or read a book. Do something fun!

Don't Wait Too Long Between Meals

Skipping breakfast or waiting hours between meals can cause you to binge eat. You find your favorite food and eat too much at one sitting. Instead of eating big every time you sit down to the table, eat smaller meals more often and save your biggest meal for mid afternoon. Smaller meals with a few high protein snacks, will keep you feeling full and provide you with a steady level of energy that will last you throughout the day. You won't get hunger pangs because you are eating just enough food to carry you over to the next meal.

Don't Allow Yourself to Get Burnt Out

Studies show that burn out at work or at home can lead to emotional eating. Avoid using food as a comfort tool. Instead of looking to food for relief, take a walk and find ways to relieve your stress instead of turning to food or beverages.


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