Can Running Help You Lose Weight?

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Running is often the first exercise people think of when it comes to weight loss. Yet for most, even the thought of running can be exhausting, not to mention sore feet, ankles and knees. When these thoughts spin in the mind long enough motivation decreases quickly and we decide to skip exercise all together. This may not be the case for you, but it certainly is for many people.

There are two common questions to answer here: is running required to lose weight? and can running really help? The simple answers are no, and yes. Running is not required to lose weight. Any additional expenditure of calories will help you along your weight loss journey. When compared to walking, running has a far longer "after burn" effect on the body. This is the period after exercise where you continue to burn calories. If you're new to regular exercise or have joint issues, walking is a great place to start. Once comfortable, you can then progress into more challenging exercises.

Apps such as Couch to 5K are a wonderful way for beginning runners to get started, see progress, stay motivated, and hit their goals. As the name suggests, this program steadily builds from walking with light jogging sprinkled in to a full 5K run over the period of several weeks or months depending on your fitness level. "When I first started running I was happy to run all the way through one song on my iPod," says Metabolic Research Center enthusiast Andy, "I then measured progress by the number of songs I could run through and the number I had to walk through between runs. This app follows a similar program and has been a great help to my wife."

Your Metabolic weight loss consultant is happy to work with you to find the right exercise program to fit your lifestyle and current fitness level.


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