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Drive Thru Sign

Fast foods are highly processed and pose several health risks as highlighted in the documentary Super Size Me. Anytime you see the words "Drive-Thru", you should take that as a warning sign that the food you will be purchasing may taste good, but can pose several health risks if not eaten in moderation. While eating fast food once a week may not pose a significant risk to your health, going through the drive-thru every day of the week can have a dramatic impact.

Lack of Nutrients

Most fast foods are highly processed and lack viable nutrients. Consuming too many processed foods can cause the liver to become sluggish and digestion to take longer than normal. When foods lack the proper nutrients, the digestive tract works harder than it should without gaining the nutritional support the body needs to function efficiently. Over time, this can cause the body to become easily fatigued and may depress the immune system leading to chronic illness or disease.


Fast foods that are ordered at a drive-thru are often cooked with massive amounts of fats and oils. Frying foods is normally the fastest way to produce foods. Because of this, restaurants that provide drive-thru services offer foods that are fried or easily prepared with an excessive amount of preservatives. Consuming these foods on a regular basis is believed to be one of the leading causes of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Heart Disease and Obesity

People who consume fast foods put them at a much higher risk of heart attack and stroke than individuals who eat at a fresh-food restaurant. Fast foods are full of bad fats that contain cholesterol. In addition to increasing one's personal health risks, foods purchased from drive-thru restaurants are full of empty calories that often cause excessive weight gain.


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