How Sugar in Fruit Differs from Added Sugar

Woman Shuns Foods with Added Sugar

If you have ever been told you cannot eat fruit because it has sugar, that is a myth. However, you should beware of how much sugar is in the fruit you choose. Still, the sweetness of natural foods is not the same as the “added sugars” found in most packaged meals.

Determining Fruit Portions

You can eat just about any kind of fruit you want. However, you will need to consume a smaller portion of ones that have higher sugar content. For instance, you could either eat a whole small apple or medium peach or half a banana or large grapefruit. Moreover, having a piece of fresh fruit in your salad covered in oil and/or vinegar. If you do, it could replace a dressing that is high in added sugar.

The concern about eating too much fruit is especially crucial for diabetic patients. However, know that no matter what fruit you eat, consuming it in proper portions is the key. An ideal serving size is one that contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates no matter what.

Fruit Sugar Vs Added Sugar

Fruit sugar such as fructose is found naturally in foods. Added sugar, otherwise known as refined sugar, is processed usually from cane or beets. These manufactured sweeteners usually metabolize more quickly than the fruit sugar. This often causes a glucose level spike that could become dangerous for diabetics.

Furthermore, the way refined sugar digests so quickly affects your inability to feel satisfied when eating food with added sweeteners. Therefore, we suggest when possible to eat foods that have sugar occurring in them naturally. This not only includes fruits and starchy vegetables, but it also includes the sugars that are in milk, wheat-based products and other foods.


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